The Joint Teaching Program of Shanghai JiaoTong University College of Stomatology

The Celebration on Joint Teaching Program between Shanghai Jiao Tong University College of Stomatology and DDS Dental Care in Shanghai, was held at Shanghai Garden Hotel on September 19, 2011.

Executive Vice Dean of Shanghai Jiao Tong Univeristy College of Stomatology, Prof. Zhang JianZhong and his administrative team attended the ceremony, as well as Prof. Zhou Zengtong, the Chairman of Shanghai Stomatological Association ( SSA). Senior lecturers from both of the university and DDS Dental Care attended the ceremony too.

The Teaching Program aims to encourage university dental students emphasizing foreign language study, to improve the skill for professional literature reading & writing, to obtain the ability for international professional education and exchange, to build up professional capability for international practice demanding.

The Teaching Program includes practice of English reading, writing, and oral speaking.etc. Each academic year, 14 students will be nominated to attend the internship clinical training at DDS Dental Care Clinics, and 7 best of them will be rewarded by DDS Scholarship for outstanding dental students' Foreign Language Proficiency finally.

Dr. William Xu, the Managing Director & Chief dentist of DDS Dental Care was interviewed by International Channel Shanghai ( ICS ) in terms of collaboration for dental students multi-functional capabilities training between dental univeristy and private practitioners.

Ms. Chen Lei, the famous chief presenter of ICS was invited to host the ceremony with Dr. William Xu as her personal friendship with Dr. Xu for over 16 years.


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