Shanghai JiaoTong University Dental Students Internship Training Base



The Joint Teaching Program between Shanghai Jiao Tong University College of Stomatology and DDS Dental Care was established since September, 2011. This Teaching Program aims to encourage university dental students emphasizing foreign language study, to improve the skill for professional literature reading & writing, to obtain the ability for international professional education and exchange, to build up professional capability for international practice demanding.

The Teaching Program includes practice of English reading, writing, and oral speaking.etc. Each academic year, 14 students will be nominated to attend the internship clinical training at DDS Dental Care Clinics, and 7 best of them will be rewarded by DDS Scholarship for outstanding dental students' Foreign Language Proficiency finally.


Lecturing from clinicians of DDS Dental Care at the College of Stomatology, Shanghai JiaoTong University:

  Dr. William Xu presenting how to communicate with patients effectively. He holds the postion of guest professor at Shanghai Jiao Tong University .
Dr. Ian Matthew Anderson, was giving a lecture overview of modern Orthodontics.
Dr. Abraham Van Der Velden , master of Forensic Odontology, was introducing the history of forensic Odontology.
  Dental Students internship training at the clinic of DDS Dental Care :
  Cases discuss at the morning meeting from Dr. Ian Anderson  
Techniques demonstration from Dr. William Xu
Practicing using rubber dam with Dr.Abraham
Clinician chooses the demonstration case with supervising professors from the univeristy. Professors from the univeristy teaching hospital give the clinical training and lectures to students at the clinic.